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1_MG_0174Step-By-Step Learning (SBSL) is a new program offered by Fermata Inc. Specialising in individual educational tutorials, SBSL allows students of all ages to focus on additional educational and/or curriculum based studies with a qualified and highly-experienced special needs educator.

Owner of Fermata Inc., Daniel Hyams, PhD said “I have always felt that our music programs have offered something more than ‘just music’, and that much of the work my team provides has value in what students are learning at school, so I hope that by offering tutorials with a key focus in special education in a social setting, young people will have a greater chance at succeeding later in life”.

Fermata is pleased to partner with Johanna Henderson, who will be leading SBSL. Johanna qualified as a teacher since September 2007. First teaching Intermediate/Senior level (Grade 7-12), Johanna then completed Junior Qualification (Grade 4-6) in 2008 and has a taught in Toronto and London, England in elementary schools teaching all grade levels (Preschool-Grade 8). Responsibilities included writing and assessing Individual Education Plans (I.E.P.s), annual reviews and termly assessments; planning their English and Maths lessons; and supporting class teachers with adapting and modifying all other subject lessons so that the students could access them. While holding this position, Johanna completed training courses about working with pupils’ with Down syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Dyslexia. Johanna also received training on early literacy skills and multisensory approaches to learning among others. As an Outreach Teacher, Johanna worked 1-2-1 with students in their homes who were unable to attend school due to health and/or behavioural reasons. The students Johanna worked with ranged in age from 4 to 17 years old and included some children with HLSN, ASD and Down’s syndrome. Primarily teaching English and Math, Johanna also tutored Science, History, Geography, Art and reviewed for high school exams.