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Daniel Hyams to attend United Nations General Assembly in New York

As an experienced researcher, consultant and therapist on youth issues, Dr. Hyams is an invited delegate to the United Nations General Assembly, hosted by the Secretary General.  Held on May 28 and 29, 2015, Dr. Hyams will be a select group of international leaders and advocates invited to spend time with world leaders, discussing issues pertaining to the global concerns relating to youth and young adults and concerns linked with employment, education and health.


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The High-level Event of the General Assembly marks the 20th Anniversary of the World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY) and offers an important opportunity for Member States and other relevant stakeholders to take stock of progress made in its implementation, identify the gaps and challenges ahead while discussing the best way forward for the full, effective and accelerated implementation of this ground-breaking agreement. 

Daniel Hyams & Fermata to lead First Ontario Credit Union Advertising Campaign

In May 2014, Fermata Inc. was one of three recipients of the First Ontario Credit Union annual 1 Awards.  The 1 Awards is a special program initiated to support small, local businesses towards growth and collaboration.

During the summer of 2014, Daniel decided to focus the award to fund a new website and three promotional videos that are part of this new-and-improved website.

From February 2015 onwards, Daniel Hyams and Fermata will be part of the First Ontario campaign to promote awareness of the awards and how the credit union can help local independent businesses thrive.


First Ontario Promo Ad

Our special thanks to everyone at First Ontario for this recognition and continued support.

New Year, New Location, New Team Member, New Partnerships: A Year in Review

As one reflects on the past year, one is reminded of the importance of community partners. A service provider of any industry is only as successful as the company it keeps, and the strong partnerships it develops and maintains.

Earlier this year, both Fermata and myself were acknowledged with awards that recognized not only the importance of the work Fermata offers the community, but also the importance the community places on Fermata. Whilst these public admissions of support have gained vital awareness of Fermata, they have also increased the role of music therapy, music education and social activity and engagement through the use of music and the arts. In May of this year, I said in an interview with the Hamilton Spectator, “music therapy is no longer regarded as an alternative therapy, but a mainstream one”. But as the year comes to a close and I reflect on these words, I think the same can be said about the representation of Fermata and music therapy as being in the mainstream of community projects taking place in Hamilton. Of all the things my team and I have achieved this year, the universal recognition from our community of what we offer, as a service provider, is by far the highest privilege.

As we edge closer into 2015, I wish to share the exciting new projects and changes that will take Fermata into the New Year, and extend on the success we have achieved.

As of January 1, Fermata will be a shared partner at a new location. Offering services at 533 Main Street East, Hamilton, we will be partnering with Lawson, who offer a wide range of services to adults with developmental disabilities, and Autism Ontario, both of whom Fermata has established key working partnership’s, offering all clients subsidized music therapy and specially-adapted music education. Our new location offers enhanced services and connects our families with these important and valuable community partners.

In addition, our team is growing. In the last week, music therapist David has joined our team, and more information about his background will be available in the New Year. David will be offering music therapy in various long-term care homes, an area of clinical need that Fermata seeks to increase access for all residents in long term and palliative care.

Fermata also seeks to extend the geographical remit of our services. This has begun with music therapy being extended to a long term care home in Grimsby, and further LTCs in St. Catharine’s and Niagara, as well as furthering our offerings in the GTA.

Our day programs to adults with disabilities in day centre’s and independent living homes is also part of our focus, and we are pleased to be offering programs across two new sites with Hamilton-based organization ‘Choices’.

Our No Bounds program has grown, and our aim is to offer further lessons to students with the help of a new music instructor joining us soon.

Lastly, I am grateful for the opportunity for my work and research to be recognized by my peers, and the offer to write a book with a publisher in Germany. My new book, “Music Therapy as an Intermodal Practice” covers my professional career as a music therapist and researcher from 2007, and I am thrilled that this work is now available from all good book stores.

On behalf of #TeamFermata, I wish you season’s greetings, and all the best for the New Year. I would also like to thank my incredible team for their dedication, passion and creativity.

Daniel Hyams on CHCH Morning Live

On December 8, 2014, Executive Director of Fermata Inc., Dr Daniel Hyams, appeared live on CHCH to discuss the services Fermata provides to the community, and how the application of music therapy works in practice.  Click here to see the interview.


Welcome to my first blog

Welcome to the new website of my company, Fermata Inc. This website was launched over a week ago, and it has been a project that I have been focused on for 6 months. Why has it taken so long? Mainly because I was very specific in what I was hoping to achieve and convey about what Fermata offers, but also because I spent a lot of time researching designs, formats, concepts and content from other websites that both directly and indirectly relate to the work Fermata offers. I also consulted with a number of people. As an independent business owner, I thrive on communicating with fellow professionals, colleagues and friends to broaden the original idea and pursue more. I love to collaborate, seek advice, brainstorm and build. All of this is creative, and what I am proud of most is that everything Fermata offers is rooted in creativity and freedom of expression for empowerment and skills building.

Whilst building the design and content for ‘’, the main focus was the incredible videos that were produced to showcase the services Fermata offers our community. I am thrilled with them. These videos were born out of an idea I had earlier this year, and it seemed befitting that they have a home on a new website, with images that capture the essence of how we work at Fermata. I am proud to have worked with Hamilton-based media company New Motto for working with me and helping me create exactly what I wanted to achieve. A working relationship like this is at the core of successful community partnerships and mutual support.

As the design for the website developed, I was recommended to include a blog. To be honest, it was not something I initially considered. I was going to include a page of research articles and links to websites that I thought of interest. I started using Twitter and Facebook to share research articles, newspaper clippings and websites of interest over the summer whilst this new website was being developed, and it seemed that social media was a way of sharing this type of content in an efficient manner. As the team at New Motto and I pieced together the final content for ‘’, the idea of the blog returned.

If I sound like a novice, it is because I am. Prior to this, I have never maintained or developed a website, hardly used social media, and, in relation to this introductory blog post, I have never ‘blogged’ before (is that even a word?). So, this is a learning process for me. But my general philosophy in life is “Everything is a learning process. A mistake only occurs if a lesson is not learnt from the experience”. As I believe in transparency and the authenticity of everything the world has to offer, I thought that the blog will be a unique way of detailing this learning process, and I welcome you to join me on this journey.

In closing, I wish for this blog to be a way for me to communicate with those who are interested in both myself and my company to share my thoughts, experiences and the work we offer as a way to illustrate what Fermata offers the community. I will also invite my team members to share their work and experiences, as my team of exceptional music therapists and music instructors are really what makes Fermata special.

I tend to have much to say, but my PhD training taught me the art of concise writing. Perhaps for this blog, I will try to find the middle ground! But what I have said before and what I will continue to say is Thank You to everyone who has supported me in the last two years since I relocated to Canada from England.