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Dr. Hyams – Statement to Senators on Parliament Hill ‘Youth in the Community’

Dr. Daniel Hyams, PhD, addressed a panel of Senators at Parliament Hill in March 2018 on the topic of Youth in the Community.  Dr. Hyams made a statement of his research on youth and volunteerism, and posed a question to the panel about breaking the stigma of unpaid work for young people, and the value of community engagement.  Scroll through to 1:06:11 to hear the statement.


Dr. Hyams presents Fermata at Parliament Hill, Ottawa – UN Youth Innovation Summit

In early March, 2018, Dr. Daniel Hyams presented the work of Fermata to Parliament, a part of a co-sponsored UK High Commission in Canada, British Council Canada & the United Nations Association of Canada.  During the speech, Dr. Hyams shared the work of Fermata, the way Fermata works in the community, and the promotion of education and healthcare as a means towards a social enterprise for aspiring young entrepreneurs.  Dr. Hyams later met with the British High Commissioner to Canada at the official residence, Evanscliffe.

Fermata shortlisted for United Nations & British Council Canada award

On March 12, 2018, Dr. Daniel Hyams will be presenting at the second annual Youth Innovation Summit on Ottawa.  Co-hosted by the United Nations Association of Canada, British Council Canada and the UK High Commission in Canada, this one-day event will includes elected officials, dignitaries and scholars from across Canada to speak at Parliament Hill.  This will be followed with a reception hosted by the UK High Commissioner at the official residence.  Dr. Hyams will speak about the work Fermata does, and promote social enterprises as a viable option for young entrepreneurs looking to start their career in the work of business and social care.

In addition, Fermata has been shortlisted for the ‘Public’s Choice Award’.  Please click here and vote for Fermata.  The funds awarded for this prize will be dedicated to support a pilot project to assist adults with disabilities to acquire life and social skills that can be applied to job interviews and progress into the workforce.  We will partner with local recruitment agencies specialising in helping adults with needs to gain vital skills to successful gain jobs or return to vocational training.


Bonnie Brittain awarded ’40 Under 40′ in Hamilton

Senior music therapist and program manager, Bonnie Brittain, was amongst one of the 40 recipients of this year’s ’40 Under 40′.  Hosted by Business Link Media, this award recognizes 40 leading professionals who strive to make a difference in their communities, whilst contributing to the local economy through entrepreneurship and job creations.  Read the full story here