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Fermata present a new program; Art Therapy: When Words Are Not Enough

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Fermata Inc. is pleased to announce a registered art therapist is joining our team! With an educational background in Occupational Therapy and Psychology, our newest team member combines her education and passion to create a unique approach to Art Therapy, focusing on senior citizens in Long Term Care.

Art therapy naturally enables the expression of feelings and thoughts through the use basic art materials to facilitate communication and expression. It can be extremely helpful for the expression of feelings and thoughts that are difficult to put into words. Other benefits of art therapy include: cognitive stimulation, stress relief, increased ability to cope emotions, improved self-awareness and personal insight, elevation of mood, increased self-esteem, the development of coping skills, improved problem solving skills, increased ability to focus, and a sense of joy and well-being.

Art Therapy will be offered onsite in care homes for senior residents, offering individual and group workshops.  Private sessions are also available for children and young adults.

More details to come shortly on a new page in ‘Our Programs’.  For info about the Art Therapy program, please contact us.

Digital Art Therapy program in The Spec

Fermata’s community partners, Lawson, were featured in the Hamilton Spectator.  Their innovative Digital Art Therapy program, facilitated by Dr. Olena Darewych, has been seen by many in the academic  world as a step forward in working with adults with developmental disabilities using art as a form of communication and expression.  Click here for the link.

PS.  Dr’s. Darewych & Hyams undertook their PhDs together! This partnership between Lawson and Dr. Darewych was made possible by an introduction by Daniel!