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Fermata Inc. also offers Art Therapy to seniors in long term care.  With a combined approach incorporating Occupational Therapy and Psychology, our unique approach to Art Therapy focuses on senior citizens in residential living.

Owner of Fermata, Daniel Hyams, PhD, says “Art Therapy is a natural addition to our existing services, expanding our creative modes of expression for people with care needs and learning challenges.  Our newest program gives services users the opportunity to explore more ways to express themselves and enjoy recreational programs for self-care and education”.

Art therapy naturally enables the expression of feelings and thoughts through the use basic art materials to facilitate communication and expression. It can be extremely helpful for the expression of feelings and thoughts that are difficult to put into words. Other benefits of art therapy include: cognitive stimulation, stress relief, increased ability to cope emotions, improved self-awareness and personal insight, elevation of mood, increased self-esteem, the development of coping skills, improved problem solving skills, increased ability to focus, and a sense of joy and well-being.