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Digital Art Therapy program in The Spec

Fermata’s community partners, Lawson, were featured in the Hamilton Spectator.  Their innovative Digital Art Therapy program, facilitated by Dr. Olena Darewych, has been seen by many in the academic  world as a step forward in working with adults with developmental disabilities using art as a form of communication and expression.  Click here for the link.

PS.  Dr’s. Darewych & Hyams undertook their PhDs together! This partnership between Lawson and Dr. Darewych was made possible by an introduction by Daniel!

Fermata offers new program for special education ‘Step-By-Step Learning’

This month, Fermata offers a new program called ‘Step-By-Step Learning’.  This new initiative provides one-to-one educational tutorials for children and young adults with special needs in all subjects and follows school curriculum.

Speaking about Step-Bt-Step, Fermata owner Daniel Hyams said, “I have always felt that our music programs have offered something more than ‘just music’, and that much of the work my team provides has value in what students are learning at school, so I hope that by offering tutorials with a key focus in special education in a social setting, young people will have a greater chance at succeeding later in life”.

See the attached PDF for more information.


Johanna H – StepByStep StepByStep